In honorarium of the award-winning crotch-grab..

Michael Jackson..died? Wow. Craziness. I can't say I'm particularly sad--I wasn't a huge "MJ" fan. Perhaps it was before my time. But it's just..weird.

Anywho. Did I mention I love my job..?

The chef brought me some cake today. And a cook make me a gourmet grilled-cheese for lunch :]

PS. I think the hair dryers with the "ionizer" buttons are just a gimmick to steal poor college girls' money. Srsly. What does it do? It doesn't even make the hair dryer SOUND different..yet alone blow out magic pixie dust. And my hair still manages to look like I live in Kansas. With Florida humidity. Blast.


Connie (and Tony) said...

Loving the new look of your bloggie.

lol that's probably true... this coming from a girl who shelled out 2 bills for a flat iron. I believed the box. Silly me

b t w...That cupcake recipe is on my recipe link (at the top of my blog)!

Dustin Nickerson and Kylee Robinson said...

Dear Natalie,

I love reading your blogs! You make me laugh every time! Thanks for entertaining everyone, your personality makes me smile!