Because it's Sunday..

Next on my post-idea-request expedition:
Things that inspire me

I think it's perfectly perfect for the occasion of it
being a Sunday :] I'm unique, I know.

{I'm talking third-grade science project unique}

{one} My church. I don't even feel the need to elaborate..because I couldn't express my feelings adequately. Everything I do is inspired by my beliefs and testimony.

{two} Photography. taking pictures/looking at pictures/thinking about pictures/planning out pictures. All of it. When I meet someone who legitimately understands it little dragonflies fly around my kidneys and my heart flies to the celestial kingdom. True story. I am so inspired by the work of those around me.

{three} Rainy days. I don't know what it is about gloomy days. But the best things come to me. Perhaps it's because I'd rather sit and draw inside all day versus mess my hair up. Unless it's already messed which case, you'll find me running down the street at 2:32 am singing Making April at the top of my lungs. Yeah..
{four} Music. Bet you didn't see that one coming. I know, right? CLICHE. But I think music has been one of my greatest inspirations. Ever. Yes, I'm going all emo on you for the next 10 seconds. I'll try to make it brief. Music-makes-my-emotions-go-haywire-and-speaks-to-me-in-a-powerful-way. Srsly. Sometimes lyrics sum up my 19 years in 2 lines, consisting of a simple 16 syllables. How do they do it? Art, ladies and

{five} Spanish-colonial architecture. Not kidding. Architecture in general. It always throws my brain for a loop..makes me wonder. Sometimes I pretend I live there. Walk in like I own the place. Sike. But really. If walls could talk, right?

{six} Cakes! Especially since I've been in this cake-feign lately. I flickr-image cakes all day at work. Then go home and make my own. If anyone needs cake for anything, let me know. We will work something out :]

{seven} Contemporary lofts. Open spaces, like the one below, decorated in such a way that covers the space without cluttering the room like a Goodwill. Ah. I'm swooning. I will one day live in a loft. Preferably in a city. Or just a highrise. Weird ambitions, I know. But secretly, I just want to decorate it. I don't care if I actually LIVE there :]

What inspires you?


Brie said...

uhhkay, first of all i wanna request a cake. in fact, i want that one *points to blog* please make it for me. us** we'll share it for our half birthday.

second of all, may i simply say that i love you..? and making april. and grand pianos. and freshmen orientation videos. thahsal.

uhski said...

rainy days are my favorite. i love how they smell and how they sound. they make me want to stay in my pajamas and watch movies with my dog.

until he starts critiquing everything we watch because he is a huge movie buff and it gets a little irritating.


Natalie said...

Great post! Love it all.

Well cared for gardens inspire me more than anything. Fresh wet soil, butterflies, bees, lavendar, the whole shebang. Corny? Don't care. Love it.

First. Is the picture of the Santa Barbara Mission yours? Beautiful! The sunken gardens at the Santa Barbara Courthouse are pretty outstanding, as well.

And, do you visit You will DIE over the Sunday cakes. Srsly.

I'm done.

Kristina P. said...

I am obsessed with cake shows lately.

RatalieNose said...

OH I forgot to tell you, I LOVE Cake Boss too!!!
I LOVEd this post!!

chelsea said...

Music, no matter how cliche it may sound, totally inspires me, also.
Photography just brightens my day, especially engagement photoshoots. And old-fashioned cameras make me swoon.

Haylee Abney said...

I know you are a convert to the church and that strengthens MY testimony to hear of someone who WASN'T born into the church have such a strong testimony so thank you:)
I definitely also feel emo when I say music inspires me, but seriously, it does!!
Photography also inspires me, but other people's photography, not mine!! I can't take a cute picture to save my life!! true story. Another thing that inspires me: decoration! I'm fascinated with rich patterns, textures, colors etc..

erin said...

um def religion & photography like you said! everything around is so inspiring!

i love sundays. :)

Connie said...

Music, photography, the gospel, family, those are my biggest inspirations!

I miss your cyber face. Feels like I've been gone forevers. :p

Britney Jean said...

the gospel. music. writing. pictures. blogs. my friends and family.

love you and miss yer face.

Mauri said...

church music-photography-fashion-learning-sunny days-rainy days-babies & little kids-friends-family-motivational quotes & stories-life experiences.

You are so cute!

Jillene said...


NATALIE! Natalie inspires me! Seriously. Yes. She does :)

Sonic or QT diet Dr Pepper with extra ice also inspires me!

Loves Darling!