Potty mouth.

Let me tell you about my day at school.
I am up until 2 am studying/doing homework for the 4
online classes that began yesterday. Had the mindset of being
an uber-slacker this semester and taking 5 classes, 4 of which were online.
Right? WRONG. I think I self-engraved my own tombstone. SRSLY.
So I slept through institute class # 1. Went to institute class #2.
Went to statistics--my only ASU class on campus. Woo woo slackerface Natalie
(whose lame slacker attempt resulted in ultimate and epic death via homework).
First five minutes of class guess what comes flying out of my teacher's mouth?
Me: *trying to keep eyes open*
Teacher: blaaah blaaah blaaaaaaaaah. blah? blahh. BLAH!
Me: *slowly drifting into catnap in the front row*
Teacher: f***!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: *pops up. wide eyes*
Yes, I am. I am for realz. Four reels. That's ASUseless for you.
Then I went to institute class #3. So the good outweighed the bad.
And I ate at some pita extreme restaurant thing. It was mmdelicious.
Sorry I've totally neglected my blog in the last week. I promise I will be good.
Please don't kill me. Please don't abandon me to die in the unviewed website cemetary.
That would be nawt kewl.
How was school for you all? What are you studying? Funny stories? C'mon.
Anyone at ASU?! :]


Britney Jean said...

similar story from the first day LAST semester. hate that word. with a passion.

Brie said...

omg. i feel you with the online class torture. i'm only taking three (*snickers* ONLY three) and i'm swamped! like.. uptomyfreakinearlobes in discussion boards, short essays, online quizzes, busy work, questionnaires, and emails. mmsomuchNOTgood. buuut, i think i'm getting a hang of it. and i'm absolutely IN FREAKIN' LOVE with my anatomy class. le sigh.

Uptown Girl said...

i haven't been to school in over 4 years. 4 glorious years.
nananana nananana hey hey hey goodbye.

Good luck and Godspeed. Everytime I consider grad school, I then consider writing papers again, and I then consider how much I enjoy my free time.

Nick & Kristin said...

I had that happen to me, but I hurried and got into another class. I love ASU, but why do the teachers think they'll earn our respect by cussing up a storm? Not cool.
My first day was pretty fun. i posted about it. It's about the only fun day of dental hygiene school that i'm going to have!

Samantha said...


Haylee Abney said...

That story was hilar, but srsly how annoying. Sometimes I just want to tell people cuss like that that they are white trash!!!! Because they are!! ugh annoying.

Mauri said...

WHAT THE?!? Seriously? Actually I'm not surprise, but I hate that word. I would have been offended if I heard that come out of my teacher's mouth. Ew.

Good luck with your online classes! I personally have a love/hate relationship with online classes because it's so easy for me to forget about assignments & ish-I barely can even remember what day it is during the week. But they are so convenient!!

Good luck with your classes!!

RatalieNose said...

Bless your soul.

Natalie Ann Ingram said...

HI Natalie...I blog stock and I found you from Busybeelauren.

Anyway...I too go to ASU and prefer to not waste my time in lame classes with profane teachers. I am currently taking 6 online classes and one in class class....hullo....gonna kill me. I feel your pain.

P.S. you are amazing and I intend to blog stock you some more....

ok that sounds creepy.


Emily Sue said...

eww!! i hate that for you. i love your posts just fyi. they make me SO smiley and giggely and i love it! also, i love your music on here. just a little. fyi. oh btw online class=shootmenow.com good luck!!!!

Alexa Mae said...

seriously?? that is so funny. good thing she wasn't yelling at you!!! you are one busy girl.

Alexandria said...

OMG! That is lovely. Crazy business...I actually JUST blogged about my crazy school story...so if anyone is interested here is a taste...SHEEP BRAIN! Yep...that is correct sheep brain my friends...check it out


Miss Marie said...

Hey! Im in your stats class... well i havent seen you lately, but i jut noticed that.