Meet Veronica

She is here!!

Oh, glorious day! Ahhh I am soo ready to use this thing to pieces.
If anyone wants anything done, let me know.
We can work out prices.


Some stuff I shot before I lost my mind staring at her (aka Veronica..aka my Canon t1i):

Stay tuned for BUNCHES more. :]]
I have a slight itch to say this will probably be turning into
a photo-document blog tehe.


erin said...

dont you just LOVE getting a new camera?? i mean seriously. makes me feel all giddy!

ps that little girl is so adorable!

Connie said...

Super cute pics!
And HI I'm super coveting that camera. But I wont cheat on mine just yet. It's not as "new" as yours... it's last years model. But I'm still in love.

YOU can take video, am I right?! Now that's cool.

Brie said...

"I am Veronica. My name is Veronica."

Bahahha. Definitely what was going through my mind when I first saw this post.

Your baby is beautiful. Thahsal.

Oh! And whaddafuh is with Missy gettin' all big?? Stop her! Srsly.

Love you.

Nick & Kristin said...

YAY! I can't wait to see the masterpieces that come from such a beautiful camera! :)

Ella Press said...

Oh how I wish I had one of those!
Looks beautiful :o)

And I wouldn't mind if this turned into a photography-blog!

Britney Jean said...

it came! yay!

and come she can pull off the headband thing and i can't?

basically your 4 year old sister is cuter than me. grrrr....

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

great blog!!