Oh, it is love.

Someone asked me to post about my first love..
I'm a hopeless romantic. So here it goes. Stephanie Weiner {oscar MEYER} style.
Everyday after school, I'd come home, and watch him..
his red hair and thick-framed purple glasses.
Obsessed? Just a bit. I didn't care if he wore the same
outfit everyday; I was in love.
My heart begged for him to utter my name under his nasaled voice.
But to my third-grade despair, he didn't know I existed.
My heart sunk as I sat back into the couch
and prepared for yet another episode of Rugrats.
Oh Chuckie Finster; why oh why couldn't you be mine? Why couldn't we play on the swingset while eating infinite
amounts of Reptar bars? I could have lowly hummed you the
theme-song as we strolled in a wagon
and read from Dr. Lipschitz' Guide to Parenting.
I could have defended you against the banana-haired Angelica.
I didn't mind if you were scared of the man on the Oatmeal box.
Or if you hid screwdrivers in your diaper.
You were young. And younglove has no limits.
And then Nickelodeon made you grow up..

and cracked you up on drugs.
Bless your soul.

Told you I was a hopeless romantic..

As for dating..I have a long list of
funny/weird/whatwereyouthinking things have have
happened on dates. I'm a little hesitant to post some on here
{you never know who stalks this blog}
but..I'll give you a few (all different dates):

1) I spilled hot chocolate ALL over myself
and my date's new car. Nice one, Nat.

2) My date threw up while we were swinging on
the swings. Uhm. That's hoooott..sike.

3) I got proposed to in a planetarium..with a
ring pop. It was a joke..but it was the first date
I'd ever been on with an RM..was not totally excited
about it in the first place; I was trippin' the heck
out after that. Then dated the kid 6 months later.
Go figure.

4) I fell out of my chair at dinner..I started
to fall asleep as my date was talking about
himself. ZzZz..*tips over* "AHH!". Pretty much.

5) Mini-golfing. I broke a light {erm..I mean
I totally aimed for it..bonus points..?} Then my
date threw my ball in the pond. Jerk.

6) Group date. My date said two words to me the
entire time: "hello". "goodnight". Woooooow; he would.
And he did.

7) Went to an institute formal dance. Then
to see the temple lights. Then bowling. In
formal wear. Hii so much fun.



The Nye Family said...

haha your so funny. I LOVED him too! That was one of my fav shows when I was little...okay maybe I'd still watch it. Just maybe.

Lauren said...

Dude. That was all kinds of WIN with you speaking in the "meyer".

Britney Jean said...

oh rugrats.

i loved that show more than anything.

and you made me kinda miss it.

now i want to watch it...again...

Kristina P. said...

You are awesome. I loved this post!

Samantha said...

hahahaha true NAT style loved it i always adored him tooo and um yeah RM have a weird sense of humor at first i have noticed haha

Haylee Abney said...

I guess all i have to say is... I am Reptaur, hear me roar.

RatalieNose said...

Oh shut up.
This was AMAZING!!!!
This was beyond amazing!
I freaking love your life!

Connie said...

Hmnmnmmmnnn Natalie? Crushing on my man!?

Well... well...I had a Chuckie watch from BURGER KING!


Connie said...

I... I

don't even know.


Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

Oh my gosh. I love this!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot about that show! Thanks for the reminder =-)

Emily Sue said...

i love rugrats. i watched it daily!! thanks for making me smile. love your writing so much.

Rheannan said...

Hellllllo, I totally loved chuckie too!! Hahahaha

First dates with people are always interesting, I should start a blog about all the wierdos I've met! Haha