Las Preguntas

Here's the deal, folks:
Cue and Aye.
You ask a question, I {have to} answer.
You can post anonymously if you so desire.
C'mon, all you readers..
I know you're out there

But seriously.
And the best part: I'm advising YOU
to do it, as well. So I can ask questions.
It's like..a game.

Pass go, collect $200.

^worst game ever invented*

[*right up there with Mouse Trap--you lose one
piece and the entire game's kaput]


Ashley Chase said...

how do you post a list of friends? that is my question ha

shell. said...

What is your biggest fear?

Emily Sue said...

who is your favorite author?

Anonymous said...

do you really feed on comments from others this much? like for real. kinda sad.

Natalie said...

Ash: When you go to edit your layout there's a choice to add links :]

shell: i hate clowns. like..a lot.

emily: james e talmage for SURE!!!!!!!!

anonymous: lyke omgz how did you lyke know?11!!1!!!1 hhahahahahahahaaha. it's soo sad, isn't? srsly. what's my problem? get over yourself, natalie.


Marci Darling said...

What was your favorite birthday?

Lauren Elizabeth said...

what inspires you?

Haylee Abney said...

Oooh i have a few Q's!!

Where is your favorite place to shop? your style is so cute!

If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

And what are some of the hardest AND best things about being a convert to the church??!

PS anonymous is lame. Maybe he/she (probably she, girls are mean) is just jealous because they don't get comments on their blog. who knows, just a theory.

Lindsay, Dano and Navy said...

How did you get into photography? Have you taken classes??

Natalie said...

marci: hmm. probably my birthday in 2008. we won nationals for cheer :] that was a gooood birthday, and everyone was happy. plus, i drank an oreo milkshake from red robin--and didn't feel guilty. :]

lauren elizabeth: i get inspired from many things. i really like watching other people, and studying how the interact. i get inspired through reading. but music is probably the biggest of them all. and art. i'mma art geek. and math geek. true story..

halyee: 1) i have a fetish for urban outfitters :-P and anthropologie (i try to stick with the sale rack..). nordstrom for jeans. other than that, i just like going to boutiques and getting random ol' vintage ish that no one else will have and try to concoct something out of it :) 2) cake. definitely cake. or soup. can i have both? pleaase? hehe. 3) hardest thing about being a convert: sometimes Satan makes me feel inadequate, or like i don't know it all. granted, NO one knows it all..but as far as Book of Mormon doctrine and church history. Best thing: I use that as motivation. I've read and studied a LOT for that very reason. I'd say I can hold my own..but I also have lots to learn. I also think it helps with missionary work--being able to relate to being on the other side of the spectrum. life is beautiful, and i count my conversion as one of the biggest blessings :D :D

Lindsay: First photo class in 8th grade. It was manual, black & white. I enjoyed it. Started "digital" in 9th grade--in a class. Just been playing and experimenting on my own, ever since. Read lots of books, stalked photographers' blogs, shot with some really awesome people who are just amazing with advice. Talk about feeling like you know nothing..gah! hahaha.

Natalie said...

What city are you dying to visit?

P.S. What is wrong with wanting feedback, Anonymous? Is it wrong to want to make an impact? What is so wrong with somebody trying to find new ways to relate to people? It's not feeding on comments, it's finding out whether you're making an impression. Srsly.

angieinpink said...

what's your biggest dream for yourself?, no limits style...

Natalie said...

nat: boston. the architecture is amazing, and i plan on going to grad school there :] or buenos aires..i've always wanted to go to argentina on a mission :]

angie: i just want to be a wife and a mommy, practicing law sometime in my life, serving the Lord in whatever callings he designates, and traveling to the world to preach the gospel. love that question.

angieinpink said...

you're adorable.

also: i have one more question?

are you related to sabrina wall????

Natalie said...

hahaha yeps that would be my stepmom! :]] she frequents the scrapbook store, huh?


angieinpink said...

haha...holy small world. (: i can't believe i didn't make that connection before.

sabrina takes all my classes [kit style...] love 'er.

ps: you know my bro, eric too?

pps: i hate monopoly as well.

RatalieNose said...

Favorite type of music?
Favorite artist?
Describe yourself in one word?
Your life is turned into a t.v. show, what type is it and what is it called?

RatalieNose said...

Btw, Disney Princess Monopoly Jr. is where its at.