Sarah's Dorm (proper noun appreciation) is my happy place..
This is why I love college.
My friends are amazing.
Today was the first day of what's going to be
one looooong semester.

My Constitutional Law class
I am Hermoine Granger stylin' it.

It rained.
I stepped in what seemed to be the Atlantic Ocean..
Yeah, it moved to Arizona.
Look at my jeans if you don't believe me..
they're drenched.

And at the end of the day, I finished it off
like any smart credit-overloaded college student should:
A fatty slice of chocolate cake.


Tell me about your life.
Make me giggle.


Just me said...
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Connie said...

I heart you! (and as for jokes.. I got nothin..poop.) Whops I was signed in my old google address! hehe

Sarah Eileen said...

so I am so glad my dorm room made it into your post cept next time lets put in a picture that isnt from finals week last semester when it looked like CRAP! oh wait it looks like that today....... but i promise im going to clean it tmr!

jugglerchic said...

So, you pretty much have the best blog ever. Just thought you should know. And oh yeah, I had cookie dough ice cream instead of the cake. Pretty dang amazing!

Anonymous said...

sounds like so much fun to have a dorm buddy.
very funny post title.
glad ur surviving school (:


Lindsay Shreeve said...

Hahaha you guys are so funny! Love the mustaches! I so could use a fatty slice of chocolate cake right now! Mmmm!