The Great Escape

There is a stretch mark.
On my boob.
And I do not like this.

I mean, helllllooooo..
they aren't even big.
Definitely not stretch-mark worthy.


However, I'm going snowboarding this weekend.
To frolic with people who don't care what you look like,
so long as you can shred gnar.
(I can't..)
Yeah - I said it.
Alas, this travesty will have to wait.
Until I can mourn unceasingly.

I bid thee adieu.

[Patrick Watson]


Brittany said...

i'm not sure how i got here....but i did. and i looove it.

you are too great.

Kristina P. said...

Sadly, I have I roadmap on my boobs.

Anonymous said...

i hate stretch marks and i only get them on my ass so i think its worse. also stretch marks dont come out because somethings big they come out because we get fat then we slim down so the skin stretches then goes back and theres a line. i know it sukcs but look at the positive side well there isnt one huh. have fun snowboarding (:


Lindsay Shreeve said...

Just wait till you get prego. Your boobs will be ginormous and get stretch marks all over them! That's what happened to me anyways:) They turned back small though so now I just have little stretch marked ant hills. Sad. I'm going snowboarding too this weekend! Actually I probably won't board but I'll be there! Maybe we'll run into each other?!

angieinpink said...

welcome to the club, sister. my stretch marks teach me everyday that life isn't fair and to hate people that don't have them. jk. *sort of.

Emily Anne said...

Cute blog, hon! Loved it. :)

Xoxo- Emilyy