Tick Tock Tick CLOCK

Since I went blog-MIA for a couple weeks
let me catch you up:

*First wedding cake: DONE*
*Best friend: MARRIED*

*Wedding Photography: COMPLETED*

*School: Kicking my trash*
^Hasn't even started yet, tehe.
I'm really excited for the semester, though.
It's going to be so academically stimulating, I can barely contain myself.

Lame post, I know. Just had to post those pictures.
I'll think long and hard then post something worthwhile of your time later tonight.



Kristina P. said...

That cake is so gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

wow the cake is amazing it lookes like its made of silk.looks quite delicious. (:
love the pictures.


Rebecca Elizabeth said...

Whoa'ly cow, did you make that cake?! That's amazing! And gorgeous! And I love the photos!

Mauri said...

ooh! Pretty cake! I'll still might take you up on that offer I need it...only if it doesn't make you a problemed person on that day :) amazing photog skills!

pink coffee photoart said...

you have been ONE BUSY CHICA! that cake is stunning. :)