Heart-shaped Box

I didn't really know what I was going to blog about, today.
I had some ideas playing badminton in my mind.

I could blog about the law journals I've been secretly staying
up late at night to read.
But that would just make me look like a geek.
(Welp, secret's out)

I could blog about how I went to Ra again, today..
but that would be contradictory to my previous post
stating my repugnance for sushi.
(To my defense, i had chicken tapanyaki..or something Asian like that)

I could blog about the amazing new skirt I got.
But that simply reminds me of the dent it made in my wallet :(
(Which is falling apart - curse you, Louis Vuitton)

Ergo - I decided I would share with you all
a little secret of mine.

Alas! I present to you:

Hot fudge brownie-in-a-box.
Just add "one teaspoon plus one tablespoon" (I kid you not, it says that..) of water, mix that baby up, stick it in the cancer-box *cough* uhh..microwave, and viola! Le finished.

Inherently, I fancied mine up a bit.
Made a great 11:33pm snack.
I'm a night-eater.
And when I can't sleep?
I bake.

I'm sure there's some kind of psychological therapy for that.

Okay. Poll-time:
I'm considering a study abroad in Spain this summer.
It is a psychology-based program
for one month over in Europe.
I am considering this more so than I thought I would be.
Have you ever done a study abroad?

Feed me your thoughts.



Selma said...

I bake too when sleep doesn't want to come to me. ;) Haha. And about your summer study program...I say go for it!!!! Even though it's just one month I would do it. No second guessing and such. :)

Visible Voice said...

I want that brownie in a bowl! Like um for breakfast.

I want to say something about your studying abroad. Because I'm older then you and that makes me uber wise;) I mean I'm not THAT old but....anyway....I say when you can, while the opportunities come your way....always jump. You'll never regret experiences and I think it would be a fabulous thing to do. And of course...it would make for GREAT blog posts. Just sayin'. :)

Joslyn Marie said...

haha. you're so cute. can i be YOU?? i make them.. :] i am sold out right now.. but i'm making more all day!! they are so fun! i can make you one!! :]

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You got a Louis Vui skirt?! Are you kidding? Is this the yellow one?

I am sad I was too busy with work last night to go to dinnerz.

Love you!

Rad Rachel said...

Yes. Yes. And again yes. Don't think, just DO IT! Last April-May I went and did a study abroad in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, England...). Most amazing experience ever. I was worried because yes, it does leave a dent in your wallet but everyone just kept telling me 'you'll never be able to do this again!' They were soooo right.

Next on my list are Spain, Greece and Jerusalem. Hooray for world travels!!!

Anonymous said...

you shud defntly.
and tht looks yummy but when on diet no treats like those..
maybe just a little bite...
haha temptation.
you shud def do a post on tht skrt.


Alexa Mae said...

and that is classic dessert.

my sister studied abroad in spain for psychology. for a month! she loved it. she loved the people that went with too. she brought me home an awesome Barcelone purse...so that is why i think it is a good idea. and kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity. bc lets face it...you'll be married in no time.

Britney Jean said...

do ittttt. you would like it. and if you do...take lots of pics. to show to me. and lots of stories...to tell to me. mmmkkkay? and not via blog. via paradise bakery or something instead.

Marci Dawn said...

iii decided since you stopped on over at my blog i can reveal that i stalk your blog as well. it makes me laugh. in a good way. ps. warm delights are amazing. they help me survive during finals. sadly i can't afford them very often. darn my poor lifestyle. pss. do study abroad. it would be amazing.
love marci

S said...

I think I'm going out to buy that brownie thing tomorrow:)
I like to bake when no one is home, it's relaxing.

RatalieNose said...

I've never studied abroad but I lived in France for three weeks helping my sister with her kids and it was amazing! I say go for it!!!
I'm also a member of the NEA
Night Eaters Anonymous

Ella Press said...

I'd LOVE to study abroad!
If you have the chance to do it, I say go for it!

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

Srsly?! The study abroad would be an amazing experience!!! You should totally go if you can! And those brownie microwave bowls are super de-lish! :)