Merry Sunday

Don't be that person..
..who aligns their opinions with those surrounding them.
..who is afraid to be bold.
..who allows others to dictate who they feel they need to be.
..who believes happiness has a price.
..who doesn't eat sugar.
..who takes 93 minutes to get ready.
..who needs to wash their hair EVERYDAY.
..who believes success is a single-person effort.
..who refuses to laugh at his/herself.
..who rolls their eyes at this post.

BE that person..
..who has something to believe in.
..who is not scared of what other people think.
..who has goals and dreams; ambitions and hopes.
..who recognizes that happiness is a choice.
..who has self-control to enjoy things in moderation.
..who is confident with who they are.
..who understands that no one cares how shiny your hair is.
..who realizes no one can do this alone.
..who accepts they are not perfect; and that it is perfectly acceptable.
..who smiles and thinks to his/herself: "ah..I AM that person".

Happy Sabbath <3


Alexa Mae said...

Nat: this post was amazing. Seriously. You are incredible. I think it was my fave post so far. Loved the pics. You are 100% right about all of that. And as I was reading the bottom I was checking off the list of things that I was. You better believe I checked em all!! I love youuuuuuu.

Connie said...

BEST POST OF THE YEAR! Loved it Natalie- thanks so much for writing this- I couldn't agree more!!! It encompassed all the things I've been thinking but too afraid to type..
How important it is to LOVE yourself and not rely on the approval of others to buoy you up. You are one amazing girl with wisdom beyond your years. I'm serious when i say this: lunch, dinner, cupcakes. ANYTHING is an absolute must. If you name the date and place, I'll be there no if ands or butts. Seriously! Let's bring Alexa... I love you girls!

Visible Voice said...

Wow this is like print out and put on the fridge worthy! How do you get all these fab photos all the time? Love that! Yeah but for reals I may put this on my inspiration board....if you don't mind :)

Marci Dawn said...

love this. i love how the sabbath day always inspires. :)

Emily Nicoll said...

Thanks for the post Nat, I needed that today!!

Mauri said...

Very well said my dear :)

Anonymous said...

true and today i will start (:


Britney Jean said...

nat-uh-lee. you, my friend, are amazing! i needed a happy post today...and you gave it to me. this is your best post so far. i love it.

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

I love this!! Thanks for making my week!

ells said...

hey! these pictures are lovely. i especially love the graffitied wall one!
merry monday! :) ells, xo

Haylee Abney said...

Made my day:) I love the Sabbath!

cookies and cups said...

Your blog is so cute!! and your photography is amazing! thanks for stopping by my site!

ChristineMarie said...

"Who doesn't eat sugar"??? Ha. Easy for a skinny gorgeous girl to say. Love you though <3