Hagrid + Natalie = BFFAE

I fooled you all..

I go to school at Hogwarts.
And I took pictures when I ate dinner in the dining hall tonight.
And they had the most wonderful chocolate cake.
Well - usually they do. Today, it was German chocolate..and I am not a fan of the coconut vomit atop the magnificent cake.

So I salvaged the normal {and amazing} regular frosting and did what I could.
It was wonderful.
But really. The Honor's College dining hall is legit, huh?
Speaking of college, let me sum you up on my day.
We shall start with the negative:
I was in the library for 4{ish} hours typing up a 40 question short-answer study guide for my beloved Constitutional Law.
One of the kids I was working with can neither spell nor type well..and it just so happened
he took the UNdelegated position as "typer-upper".
Needless to say, I was too irritated with his 3 words per minute and incessant spelling
errors (undue burden..not UNDO burden; big difference..***) so I politely kicked him off of "typer upper" and assumed the position for myself.
Honestly, I don't even care if I was rude..I was tired, hungry, and not looking forward to a total
combined 7 hours in the library..ughh.

**I will now start calling people homophones when I get angry. It makes me giggle like a school girl.

Now the good:
Email from my logics professor..
"Very nice paper. I enjoyed the touches of humor very much. 100 points".

Anything wizard-like happen in your day? Apparate anywhere lovely?


Alexa Mae said...

you started my day off just right. if YOU are wizardly...then YES!

word verif: paper
no joke. they are watching us.

Casey said...

My sister goes to the honors college. I am only slightly envious of her and all her plans. And by slightly please read extremely.

Brenn said...

Dude, maybe I should have applied for Barretts! Coconut vomit.... That's funny, even though I like German Chocolate Cake. That's way exciting about your paper!! I just turned in my first college essay.... Soooo nervous about that!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

definitely legit.

brunch. two days. be there.

sarah ann said...

You go girl! :) Nothing wizard-like happened to me. Just siiiiiiiick. Blah.

Anonymous said...

It's apparate not apperate.

Natalie said...

Good call, Snape.

Mauri said...

haha this made me laugh. Good job on the paper. No wizard-like anything in my days...ever. bummer.