You know what I think is completely immature?
When people you know (yes, I know who you are - thank you sitemeter) post anonymous
comments and try to say rude things, and in all reality have no idea what they're talking about.

I usually refrain from drawing attention to these things,
because I don't think negative attention is ever rightfully deserved, and thus usually refuse to give it.
But I guess because of who it was, it really really bothered me.

A) Grow up. You are married. Act like it.
B) I think you underestimate the world we live in. Women are constantly compared to society's standards and expectations - which begats much insecurity. I will be the first to admit that I
constantly find myself feeling inadequate, insecure, and incapable. So how about you cram the "narcissistic" hogwash down your own self-fulfilling throat..
C) The part that made me laugh was the "unrealistic goals" dish. I just got another little chuckle out of that guy. Since it looks like I'm stuck knowing you for awhile we can both smile when I'm
doing what it is I aimed on doing from the beginning.

{Sorry} bloggy-friends.
Just had to get that out.

On a happier note,
it is Friday!

And I have eight hours of traffic school tomorrow - ewww.
(Not sure how that's a happier note..? LOL)


ChloƩ said...

gosh people can be so mean! i am so sorry! i don't get why people waste there time stalking blogs and leaving mean comments. and the fact that you actually know the person? wow.. i am so sorry! they don't deserve you in their life! hang in there girl! i admire how you handled it though!!

Natalie said...

Haha oh it's really not a big deal - I'm not sad about it or anything. Just irritated because of who said it, that's all. I don't need condolences :-P But thanks miss!

Britney Jean said...

that's gay. mean comments = no fun. seriously.