All serious pen-pal inquiries: :)
Dear women of the world,
You are beautiful. Don't let society convince you otherwise.
Set your own standards, and don't allow the media dictate them.
Dear McDonalds worker,
I lied. I didn't have a boyfriend. And he didn't just break up with me.
I just wanted more ice cream out of pity. I'm sorry. I'm a bad person. However, your soft-serve
goodness via drive-thru window at 1:34 am was just what I needed.
Dear BSFF Sarah,
I'm glad you're at a missionary discussion in your living room, but might I remind you
I'm sitting in your bedroom looking like Cousin It due to the gregarious amount of hair foils on my head.
It's also 10 minutes past the time you said we could take them out.
Dear Muse,
Once again, you have me stoked on life.
Dear sidewalk,
I will be making the most magnificent chalk mural on you in the very near future!

Love, Natalie


The Dark Family said...

Where do you get all your AMAZiNG clothes? I envy them and want similar ones!

P.S. I read your every post and love your attitude on life!

You are gorrrrr-jussss!

the end.

kalie brynn. said...

Your blog has the super power ability to just make my day. You are adorable. CUTE SHOES.

Rasha said...

you're too cute. love the shoes.

Brenn said...

Dear Natalie,
You are just too cool for words. And I love your shoes. And I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who milks non-existent break ups to get more ice cream!

Anonymous said...

great picture.


Kate said...

I pretty much can't get enough Muse in my life. Let's eat lots of yummy food, dance to Muse and be friends.

Alexa Mae said...

free ice cream!! you're the best. i love that picture of you. how did your hair turn out? take a picture of that mural, girl. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Alexis said...

I love the first paragraph! Totally agree! You are definitely beautiful! Stinkin media.