I just typed "Thursday". It is, however, a Wednesday. Just scored another day. Yessss! I feel like I just won the lottery.

The world is a happy place if you so choose to allow it to be.

Natalie's Happy List:
ONE Monsoon-smelling night air. There's nothing like sitting on the patio by the pool at night watching the trees blow around. Even better when coupled with a bowl of ice cream.
TWO Hulu. There's nothing like knowing you can catch up on all the TV you (don't regularly) watch. It's comforting. Lol.
THREE Bob Ross. I love me some happy clouds and happy trees and..oh, what's that Bob? My painting sucks? Thank you, hippie man.
FOUR Laying poolside with a very large (venti-stylin') pomegranate lemonade. Homemade, might I add.
FIVE Temple Tuesdays. Which will be Temple Thursday (and Friday) this week.
SIX Friends with boats. Since I have retired from the snow for a few months this is the next best thing.
SEVEN Pen pals. I want one. Want to be pen pals? I draw pretty letters :)
EIGHT Spur-of-the-moment ambitions. I've decided, as of forty-five seconds ago, that I am going to start a stamp collection. Okay, ambition's done.
NINE Muse. The song "new born" is top of my summa-sum-summer soundtrack.
TEN Pretty cuppycakes. While Sprinkles does, indeed, taste like heaven, there's really nothing special about them. They're very plain-looking. Again, no complaints; I'll down them like candy. However, it's not as fun eating them as it is one with all sorts of beauty. It helps me feel aristocratic.
ELEVEN People who ask me to take their picture. I don't care how lame or narcissistic it sounds. I still get giddy every time someone asks. It's the greatest compliment, people.
TWELVE Seeing someone do something nice for someone else. It puts a smile on my face that lasts for days.
THIRTEEN Snowboarding clothes. There's something about baggy neon things that just makes my heart race.


Eeny said...

Love your list...
#7 is cool... I want to be your pen pal =)

Mauri said...

I like this whole list. Good list indeed!

Kari said...

Okay, just a few things:
a.) Adorable picture! You are so SKiNNY!
b.) Happy lists make me happy :)
c.) #7 rocks. Can we be pen pals? That'd definitely be amazing.

kelly anne said...

i like your list :) pretty cupcakes really are the best. they make me 10 levels of happy.

and i will be your pen pal! i love writing/getting letters! letters are definately on my happy list.

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

ooh ooh.. draw me a pretty letter and we'll be pen pals, mmkay? now that i'm in cali for 2 months it can be kind of official, right? :]
and i still want you to do pictures for me some time. :]

Kell said...

Ahh I pretty much love every single picture you post. For realsies.

rachael marie said...

I haven't commented very much but I love your blog!!

can we be pen pals? My drawing skillz might be atrocious but I can send you pretty things from New Zealand and I also make some pretty mean mixtapes. I will send you an email and we can swap addresses!

I miss being close to the temple. When I lived in Mesa I used to go all the time. Since moving to New Zealand I have only been to the temple a few times since I live about 7 hours away from it.

Alexa Mae said...

i LOVE this.
you are so good at #5 and #8.
and i know you love #13.
(thank you for being a friend.) --sing in a state farm insurance jingle voice.

Alexos said...

11: Uhm, I love your pictures. Any time you need a test subject, yeah!