Dear Brian Thomas Clay,
Today, it is your birthday.
That means you go from being old to being ancient.
But don't worry. I will change your diapers and make you oatmeal for all three meals.
Love you.

{We fight. I win. We make up. Story of our lives.}

*Disclaimer: Yes, Brian is like a brother. No, we are not dating. No, there is nothing "cute" about us. Yes, we have been told that many times. No, it means nothing to us. Yes, I am the only person who can call him old, make fun of his wrinkles, and tell him he's a jerk. If you do, I will probably beat your face.


Eeny said...

You are hilarious, girl.

Happy Birthday to Brian.

Brian Clay said...

LMAO! Still laughing about this. The fact that we are friends is evidence of the divine because nature dictates that one of us would have surely off'ed the other one already... but here we are, friends.