I have my date with the blood-sucking vampires in 9 hours.
I kid you not; those Cullens have one try to poke me in the right place.
If they miss their shot then I'm bolting for the door and proclaiming myself cured.
{Yes, I just made a Twilight allusion. No, you will never hear one again. I promise!}
I cried. Then laughed at myself for crying. Then cried that I was laughing.
I'm a one-woman circus today.

"The MRI with contrast means they inject your arm with dye so they can see your brain. It really burns...and it feels like they twist the needle. Then the machine is really loud, so if you're claustrophobic it's really scary and..."

Yeah thanks, Mom; I'mma cut you off right there.
{Hi Mom. A forewarning, you're going to have to deal with me the whole car ride tomorrow..}

Things to look forward to:
1) School starts.
2) School ends.
3) Snow falls.
4) Natalie migrates up north for winter break.
5) Natalie and co. shred the pow erry'day.
6) School starts again.
7) School ends.
8) Natalie, attired in cap & gown, bids a solitary goodbye to undergrad.
9) Law school.
9) A mission.

Wap wap. To be continued :)


Ashley Fastle said...

If your really scared you could always have one of those fantastic brethren give you a blessing. They help. I got really sick once had to have an MRI and I promise blessings to do help. best of luck. p.s your adorable.

Anonymous said...

I say Mission!

Mauri said...

good luck with the blood sucking vamps. I hope they get you on the first try. I went to phlebotomy school and people DO NOT like to be poked more than once! And um sounds like you have the next part of your life planned out already! Both sound fab!

Braden said...
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