[Photo: the incredible Darcy Bacha. Probably my favorite person ever.]

Let me tell you about my day:
I drove to school at the not-so-lovely Arizona State University, only to find the parking garage
was completely full. After driving around for 25 minutes, I took it as some divine permission that I was
allowed to bail on school for the day.
Second day of school, and I'm already ditching 3 classes. I think we need to work on that..
So I drove downtown and went to the Kaplan center, to take a 4 hours pLSAT.
En route, my AC decided it was going to take a little break and let me fend for myself in the 117 degree heat.

But it gets better.

I came home, and within 4 minutes of walking inside, the sky cracks open and pelts my house with hail.
WHAT THE HAIL?! No really..
So I laid by my window, cranked up the emo music (Lydia was my weapon of choice) and basked in the cloudy haze looming through my blinds.
Then I ate a Sprinkles banana cupcake.

Bad day gone good.
Scratch that;
bad day gone great!


Britney Jean said...


Anonymous said...

Natalie, for you it seems the older you get the sexier you get :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I wanted it to rain and it never did.

Little Beachs said...

Lydia is the best choice.