I just found this picture in an old file on my computer and started giggling.
I may or may not have set up a make-shift "terrain park" in my living room with a friend.
And the best part? I strapped in in Nikes. She was sporting Uggs. We tore up that ish.
{Note: Couch spines make for great jibs}

Some things I said I'd never do, but did anyway:
1) Get a Twitter. HAHA!!
2) Take one of those obnoxious pictures of your feet from where you're standing. I did it more so as a joke. But unless you're preggo or you're rocking a pretty-mother-lovin'-sick pair of kicks, I think they're lame and overdone. Yes, I really want to see your toes, chipped nail polish, and bottom of your shirt. Oh I don't.
3) Go to ASU. Karma's cruel idea of revenge. Blasted scholarship.
4) Fall in pretendlove with someone I can't have.
5) See the Twilight movies. I saw two of the three (four..?) that are out. Sad to think I'll never get back those 4 hours of my life.
6) Drive in the carpool lane alone during rush hour traffic.
7) Try sushi. Hated it. Even though I only ate the rice off the side..ick.
8) Listen to Justin Bieber. BIEBER FEVER. So beyond serious, right now.
9) Ask the nail ladies what they were saying about me. Oh yeah. You bet I did. "Ohh hun-nay; we say yo' nawl so pret-tay. So smood and shi-nay."
10) Respond to being called by my last name. Good thing anyone who met me junior year of high school only calls me "Wall". Mission: fail. Thank you, Mrs. Snyder.
11) Stop dancing - BOO!


Eeny said...

Love your header, Natalie.
And the picture is so crazy...I like crazy. *ha ha ha*

Autumn Lynn said... wrote out the accent really well.

Caley and Jason said...

I don't really know you. You don't really know me. But Jonique said your blog was definitely worth reading. She was correct in her recommendation.

Anonymous said...

dannnng, my photography is so good.

Haylee said...

I just found your blog and love it! Your pictures are incredible. haha and I love #1 on your list. I'm totally in that dilemma right now, to twitter or not to twitter. I've been dead set against it for so long that I can't believe I'm thinking about getting one now!
You hate sushi?? What? Sushi is the best! To each his own I guess. :)
and #8, heck to the yes. I caught the fever as well and I'm not ashamed to admit it.;)