{Side note: my brother is adorable}

I took French for 4.5 years.
And Spanish for one.
Yet, oddly enough, I find that I talk to myself more en espanol que en frances.
C'est tres bizarre.
I can't properly conjugate verbs, or speak formally to my superiors.
But I can say such things like: "No me gusta los hombres con las manos de langosta" at the drop of a dime.
And I mean, let's face it, who DOES like a man with lobster hands?
Pas moi.

{Flicker Project: 9/365}


Eeny said...

Je ne parles pas plus le francais - I only learned French for 3 years and forgot everything - really everything. I never used it and I guess as soon as you stop using it, you will forget it.
And I start to forget my Spanish as well. I really really really need to start practicing again. Estimo español es mucho fácil que francés.
Por cierto, me gusta los hombres con las manos de langosta tampoco. Me gusta los hombres con las manos de las tijeras. =) *ha ha ha*

Eeny said...

PS: Good thing I keep practicing my English!

Britney Jean said...

he's getting so big! oh. my. heck. he's so stinkin' cute!

Brie said...

unfortunately the comedy that existed in the days of senior wise and columbus day rituals has dwindled to an occasional pity laugh in my organic chemistry lecture.

c'est la vie.