I'm quoting my flickr since I have nothing better to write.
And I mean, I can quote myself, yeah?

Sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first,
Sometimes, the first thing you want never comes,
And I know, the waiting is all you can do,

"Strange and Beautiful" - Aqualung

This song reminds me of someone I once cared a great deal for. I've never understood how our hearts can repair themselves after they've been broken. But I am ever-grateful for the mending; as well as the strength and perspective obtained from picking up the pieces and continuing onward. That's not to say the sting of looking back will be instantly appeased {unless you know of some emotional Neosporin..}. But simply that the future holds new experiences awaiting our endeavor.

I love laying and listening to the rain hit my window. I always crack it open just enough to fill my room with the wet desert aroma. It helps me think.


Claire Tripeny said...

awww i love this so much. :)

is your hair red/ brown like mine? even more so long lost sister. haha

ChristineMarie said...

I remember when you were obsessed with that song. Aww we've been through a lot together. xoxo