I have spent the last 6 hours catching up on homework that I put off all last week so I could devote 150% of my attention toward the-test-which-shall-not-be-named.
One paper, two labs, six exams, 2 discussion board posts, and countless outlines.

Needless to say, a greater part of the night was spent in much frustration.
So the sister and I commenced Natalie's Study Break Time {all caps, proper noun*} with a 12:15AM In-N-Out run.
One Coke {mine}, vanilla milkshake {hers}, some fries {ours}, Thousand Island dressing and we were set.

How you properly conduct a Natalie's Study Break Time at 1AM:
1) fist-pump to some We No Speak Americano.
2) sing scream some Journey at the top of you lungs with the car windows down as you drive.
3) Decide the night is too beautiful to spend laying on your floor typing up a research paper {that is due in 4 hours} and that your time would be better spend gazing at the stars in the middle of the desert.
4) Drive to desert, park car, turn off lights, whip out the In-N-Out, mangggg on grub and talk about life's intricacies beneath the Milky Way.
5) Crave a real Milky Way thinking about number 4.
6) Penny-surf out the window on the drive back.
7) Go home, pretend to start essay, get side-tracked on youtube.
8) Call sister back into room. Laugh until you drool.
9) Really work on paper because BAM time just disappeared and now you're down to 2.5 hours..

..and the last one will commence as soon as I finish this write-up:
10) Wait outside of Starbucks until they open, grab some coffee {hers} and hot chocolate {mine}, bundle up in yerr fleece-plaidz, park in the desert, fall asleep watching the sun rise.
My sissy is my best friend.


Eeny said...

Oh what a night...
Aren't sisters the best thing that can happen to anyone?!

Peace Love and Crayons said...

This makes me miss living with my sissy... I see her at least 4 times a week but its definitely not the same.

It also makes me miss my high school 'sisters'


Mars said...

I need a sister!

-------andy&lauren-------- said...

i LOVED this.
ummm i just listened to me no speak americano approximately 10 times on repeat...
you just might die.
hand choreography might replace your fist pumping.
you're lucky to have a sister close by.
i lovveee my sis but she's in colorado. boo. dang lawyer husband who doesnt want to take the california bar.
i mean, who doesnt like taking the bar multiple times?
enjoy your time now that you have your life (somewhat) back!