Texts from friends on drugs:

"oh my god honey! I am so sad! And just got off of class of 5, god to the later world. I was getting medical receicement to do everything. I've been throwing up everything and I need help standing, and i'm so sorry. I didn't contact them, because the doctors have existed to keep her mom and dad. on the truth."
Contact "them"?
Haven't you seen what happens to ET..?


Ashley Fastle said...

where in the world did you get that top? its amazing!

Erika Brooke said...

My Best friend is a BEAUT!

-------andy&lauren-------- said...

i want to know your response

ps. you have the most gorgeous pictures!

pps i've been on the future husband lawyer hunt for you.
ALTHOUGH, two lawyers might be trouble...
i can definitely find you an athlete, lots of those floating around these parts.
i never thought i would marry one of those.. weird.
but you do what works and put up with your husband calling you "Brain girl" right?
"on the truth."

kate lines said...

this blog you have over here is very cute.

PLEASE tell me where you got your shirt. i. need. it.