1) I don't eat breakfast. I eat lunch at 5pm, dinner at 2am, and dessert dispersed intermittently throughout the day :)

2) I would much prefer to drink things in glass bottles as opposed to cans or cups. If it's in a cup, it must have ice.

3) I am super good at putting things off until THE last possible minute. Literally..down to the minute.

4) I am awful with names. When I first met one of my good friends, I had to look at his business card to remember his name as I was on my way to hang out with him. And then I fell in artisticlove.

5) I am awful with compliments. Compliment + Natalie = 5 minutes of verbal denial + bright red face. It's bad. I'm working on just saying thank you and walking away. {Does that make anyone else feel self-absorbed..? Haha.}

6) I have a bad tendency to burn cookies. Don't get me wrong, I am pretty-dang-good at baking. But I have a crispy track record..

7) Once my bestfrenn Rav {Erika} and I made Rice Krispy Treats. She didn't have a normal baking pan so we put them in a frying pan. Ate them suckers straight out of it with a fork. We accidentally left the remnants on the floor, so her dog ate some. And then so did her roommate. BAHA! Ickkky.

8) There are a few subjects that I could talk about for light-years. Such subjects include, but are not limited to {lol}: Snowboarding, dance, cupcakes, bad dating experiences, fatty camera lenses, the gospel, brodawgs {my fond dislike of*}, brodawg wanna-be's {even fonder dislike of*}, The Constitution, Stephen Colbert, and barefoot adventures in dirty places.

9) My favorite song right now is "No Cars Go" by Arcade Fire.
Newest shoot can be seen here. I really like uploading on Flickr, and will probably refrain from uploading on fbook. 1) Quality on fbook sucks, 2) Flickr prevents image theft a little better :)


karla camille foronda said...

hi! you really got a nice blog here:)
I've read some of your older posts, only the best.
nice job natalie..
keep on posting!!

try to visit my blog too.thank you:)

Claire Tripeny said...

i have one of these saved in my drafts.. waiting fo more cool things to type. mann twin power strikes again.

brodawg... hahaha. BRO..dawwwgsss. bahaha

Britney Jean said...

hahaha. love.

remember when we were going to make a stephen colbert movie? ahahahaha. oh man.

Visible Voice said...

Um just here to say that I still love your blog.

The end.

Connie said...

You are so talented- love the shoot! Listening to the song as we speak.
I've been better at accepting compliments and going with the "thank you" and move on but then I feel like a jerk for not complimenting THEM. But if I do, THIS runs through my head: I SWEAR I was thinking it and you saying something first only reminded me to tell you... I'm not just making something up to be nice back- PROMISE! haha