10 reasons why I love my best friend, Erika.
1) She laughs at me for cutting my head off with self-timers.
2) She rips her yoga pants. "These are meant for people who stick their legs behind their head..!!!"
3) She goes stargazing at 2am in the middle of a dark, empty park. She then screams and runs across said dark, empty park with me when we conclude such place was ideal breeding ground for a serial killer.
4) She sings Christmas songs in October. She writes letters to Santa. She's also Jewish.
5) She makes me feel like a "cool" (theoretically speaking) college kid. *walks toward soda aisle* "We drinkin' tonight..?" "Yaaap!" *grabs Pepsi* Haha.
6) She shreds the gnar. In my pants. No really..she left hers in Ohio so being the good friend I am, I let her wear a pair of mine. Thus coined the term "Tobasco Britches".
7) She's game for g-unit-thuggin' handshakes. Wing, wing, slap, kick, kick, drop-it-lowwwww.
8) Together we're fly like a g747. Suck on that, g6!
9) She's too scared to board Mt. Hood (Oooooohdang. I'mma get my arcave pummeled for this one..).
10) Her face lights up like a toaster oven when she finds a quarter on the ground (I told her it was there..).


Erika Brooke said...

You are such a fuggin beezy! No. 9- If by scurred you really mean, has a grown up life and cant get off work then yea and; No 10. shut up you young breeding mormish twerp.

Claire Tripeny said...

1- doesnt make sense
2- was there sharp things into? i have NO idea how that could have happened
6- reppin with some word usage. yesh
9- we have a bunny hill so my friends! hehe
10- good metaphors.. key to my heart

Natalie said...

Listen here, Lurch (Erika). One day of work dooooon gimme dat. They're Christian..they celebrate Christmas starting yesterday for the next two months..they'd give you one day off. Besides, you could have pulled the Hannakuh card.

And Claire, my love, the picture above was taken on self-timer. Erika was supposed to run and jump in the picture with me on the other horse. But she decided to just sit there and make me look like a loser taking pictures of myself (Who DOES that, ERika?!?! ;) ). Then laughed hysterically, telling me my head was chopped off and I looked like the headless horseman.

..and that was the extent of my Halloweiner costume.

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

Call me creepin'.. but I'm pretty sure I saw you at the temple today. I would've said hi.. But that would have made me an even bigger creep- "Oh hey.. You don't know me, but uhmm.. I read your blog.. pretty much everyday..." And if it wasn't you.. Even more creepin' because I'd be thinking I was cool enough to see you there. :P

Natalie said...

YEP probably me! :)

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

I. definitely. feel. awesome. :P