Usually I pay attention, but today was the most boring and dry statistics lecture I have ever been to in my life.
So instead of peeling my eyelids open and trying to stay awake/focused, I just paid attention to the random things other people were doing in class.
Lots of Facebooking. One girl was crocheting a scarf. Many people texting.
But one thing caught my attention..
and thus I spent a solid 24 minutes watching the girl in front of me play Tetris while our professor lectured.
I found myself getting irritated to the point of wanting to scream when she'd put a block in the wrong place.
I mean, she passed up an opportunity to vanquish 4 lines in one go; n00b.

I need some new distractions.
That, or a better attention span.

{Or both?}

I also had a solid conversation with my microwave tonight. I don't think that's normal..

I'm famous. Cheggit here.

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