Well, it's 1:50 am and I'm packed and ready to go. Unfortunately I have to head to the airport in 3 hours, which means once again my sleep takes the brunt of my neglect. This is becoming a common trend in the life of Natalie. I'm trying to make "zombie" the new fall trend, but Kelly Cutrone hasn't called me back.

I gave my check-in bag the "Natalie 50 Pounder" test: 1) Take bag in ONE hand, 2) Try and do a bicep curl, 3) If you are successful, your bag probably isn't too heavy to get checked for free, 4) If you are successful and your bag IS too heavy, then you're just a beast and need to lay off the 'roids.

Welp. Time to eat a cupcake (yep, I'm serious) and hop into bed for a short-lived catnap of 2 hours. Life rocks. Oregon rocks even more. I might neglect the bloggity blog for a couple days. Don't hold me accountable.