In a message I received yesterday from a client that just made my day{used with permission}:
"Pretty sure Hunter's (pictured above) little girlfriend was telling him they were getting married the other night & he said "I don't think so Ella, I think I want to marry the girl who took our pictures. She just has beautiful longer hair."

OMG he just came up, asked who i was writing to pointing to your lil tiny profile pict & when i told him he kissed the screen!!!!! Then said "I can't believe I just kissed the computer.""

..now, if only we could get the older boys to talk like this, eh? ;)
[New photoshoot here] <--giveaway winner
[And here] <-- adorable fake child-husband <--this sounds super illegal

*Two weeks left to book a mini-session. Email for details: Natalie.Wall@asu.edu*


Shayla said...

...and I'm pretty sure you just made his 4 year old little life when I showed him his picture on YOUR blog.

Is this a challenge to find you a man, because I am so in! :)

Eeny said...

Oh my, how cute...
But how could he not fall for you and your beautiful long hair.

Alexa Mae said...

I have a crush on you too! I am just not brave enough to say it...what a cute little stud! And cute pics too my Natty-Lou!