Twenty-One Life Lesson's I've Learned:

1) Always walk cautiously through automatic sliding doors..they don't always open as expected. *Clonk* <--been there, done that.
2) The wooden forks at Sprinkles can give you splinters in your mouth.
3) The temple gets better and better every time you go.
4) If you fall asleep at the beach on your tummy the bottoms of your feet will sunburn. Then blister. And proceed create an awkward waddling motion you try to pawn-off as "walking". Which also can be mistaken for looking like you've pooped your pants.
5) If you throw your alarm clock across the room and go back to bed you'll most likely miss whatever it was that alarm clock was dinging to wake you up for. Sadly I've learned this many times.
6) If you tell a police officer "Ke$ha made you do it" you probably won't get out of a speeding ticket.
7) If you get pulled over wearing no pants, you probably will get out of a ticket.
8) Once your best friends get married they pretty much disappear off the face of the earth. But you still love them all the same, and when you finally hang out it's like nothing's changed.
9) Pandora likes to randomly throw crap like "3 Doors Down" and "Nickelback" on your playlist that isn't remotely close to such nonsense. You thumbs-down that ish STAT, do not just "skip song". This will not be tolerated ;)
10) Sundays are still the best day of the week.
11) Cooking is a great future-wife skill. Alongside learning football terminology and pretending like you actually care about car engines. However, all you really need to know is how to boil water, that a touchdown means points, and that a green light means go.
12) People can change.
13) McDonald's 3 cookies for a dollar aren't as bad as you'd expect them to be. In fact, they're better than Starbucks' 1 cookie for $1.25. Not that..I..judge or anything.
14) Blogging 21 things gets hard by thing number 4.
15) A good soundtrack can make the worst movie brilliant.
16) If you're a real hipster you ride a fixed-speed.
17) Anything you can find in your grandma's closet will probably be "cool" again soon.
18) Texting someone to ask them on a date is the 21st century's form of chivalry.
19) The Hulk ate lots of carrots. Chuck Norris ate the Hulk.
20) Utah is my home sweet home. However, Utah drivers make me want to ram my car into their tailgate.
21) Being 21 feels just like being 20 and 364 days. *ZZAP* Oh wait, I feel it now..


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

KatTuk said...

#9 hahaha. It's THE worst.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I do know how to spell my last name. No big deal. TURK.

Connie said...

bahahahaha! I laughed at 1-21 you are, as tony says, "hip to the scene" tehe. Happy Birthday my looove!