Dear Law School of Choice,
Why should you pick me out of your thousand-applicant pool? Well for starters, I solemnly vow to always use the proper form of their/there/they're, it's/its, a/an, and you're/your. I can hold my breath under the entire tunnel on the AZ101 right outside downtown Phoenix, without exceeding the posted speed limit (ERIKA..*cough*); evidence of my love for abiding by the law. I have acquired a lovely habit of building forts while studying at hours past 2am, exemplifying my commitment to motivate my personal academic success. I can drop words like "facetious" and "pretentious", as well as "yadiiig?!" and "naww bigs fool" in their proper applications; obviously I'm versatile in all forms of rhetoric.

A little about myself:
I enjoy Sponge-Bob Square Pants mac&cheese, scraping wax off my snowboard, pretending to study in the library (whilst secretly Facebooking and writing letters with my 64-count pack of Crayola crayons..the box with the sharpener included, BOOYAH!), and sleeping with my stuffed moose-animal. On weekends I pretend to have a life, but usually end up cuddled in bed watching Law and Order with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a bottle of Jones'. I've been so cold that my eyebrows have frozen, and so hot that my elbows have perspired. I don't censor much of what comes out of my mouth, and should probably learn to think before I speak.

In the future I plan to:
Sue the world. So ya'll need tah hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, and hide yo' husbands..just kidding. I want to snowboard until I break, school until I die, and eat cupcakes until I'm too fat to raise my hand to my mouth. However, I'm hoping the snowboarding will prevent the latter from ever happening. Hopefully that's not a self-fulfilling prophecy. Weeelp.

I take pictures for fun. I wrestle dragons in my spare time. And one day I will catch a golden snitch. 1000 points for Gryffindor.


Jessica said...

love it.

Claudia said...

I really enjoy reading your ramblings. Just thought you aughta know.

Anonymous said...

I love the "sue the world" comment and the following quote: "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, and hide yo' daughters" ... that was so funny to watch on the news. We saw that guy on the local news before it hit youtube and were thinking, "Is this for real, or did the news just turn into a Sat. NL skit?" Ha,ha,ha!

Anonymous said...

Application letter? ..... DONE! haha

Amelia Kate said...

have i told you lately that you are beautiful.
i love this photo.

Jeffrey said...

Stellar. Purely stellar.