Dinosaurs, Drugs, and Best/Worsts..

Disclaimer: this post is a result of facebook comments and my lack of creativity coupled with a longing to write.

You know what I like? Dinosaur chicken nuggets.  They bring me back to my college days, when I'd eat dinner (round two) at about..3:41am.  Dino-nuggies are what I'd pull out of the freezer.  If I was feeling really fancy, I'd decorate the plate with ketchup palm trees #truestory.

Have you ever seen a dinosaur on drugs?  Me neither.  However, in my head, cavemen were totally hippies who consumed copious amounts of herbs - if you get what I'm saying #420.

Best dinosaur: Pterodactyl. Land Before Time's Petrie, anyone?!
Worst dinosaur: Barney.  I don't love you, and you don't love me, so stop singing about it on television.

I shouldn't be allowed to blog anymore. Rawfffffl.


Shelby said...

Hahahaha! This just made my day. Brilliant

megan danielle said...

pterodactyls have always been my favorite.

yancy said...

I would suggest that in the context of Beyond the Pleasure Principle we could re-title Tony the Tow Truck as The Bumpy Road to Maturity.

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